This is the traditional Running Foal painted in a dark dappled rose grey with a sculpted forelock. He is owned by Nancy Christianson of Florida.

"Silver Legacy" This is the stablemate sized Ertl 5-Gaited horse. He is owned by Stephanie Dettmers of Bonn,Germany.

This is the Sagr mold which has been customized into a dappled rose grey Arab mare. She has resculpting to her body, and sports a freshly sculpted mane and tail.

"OS Hercules" is a Glossy black dapple Clydesdale Stallion in the 60's tradition.

"OS Majesty" is the Stablemate Drafter painted as a glossy black dapple Clydesdale. He is owned by Andi Beard.

"OS Apocalypse" is the Family Arabian Stallion in a glossy black dapple in the 1960's tradition. The scan on the left is a little bit light. He is done in the vintage style and is one of my favorites.