To see a larger picture of any of the bays or chestnuts, just click on the image.

"Aurora's Bedtime Blues" is a drastic custom Mule that was created from the Breyer Morganglanz. He is now a "she", and is highly detailed with new roached mane & tail, pretty sabino markings, plus a blue eye! She is owned by Katy Evans of California, where she is cleaning up in the live show ring :-) Congratulations Katy!.

"Poco Bar Robin" is the Peter Stone ISH customized as a richly shaded bay mare with sculpted mane and forelock. She has had her head & neck tucked, and her ear resculpted to a "listening ear". Previously owned by Susan Geary of Alabama.

This custom is a portrait of a sweet bay gelding named "Wimpy". He is owned by Chelsea O'Reilly of New York.

This brindle custom is a Missouri Fox Trotter that I have customized after a real horse. He is highly detailed & very realistic! Owned by Sandy Tomezik of New Jersey.

"Hearts Desire" is the Breyer Legionario customized as a Lusitano stallion with resculpted face, mane, and forelock. Owned by Susan Mizzell of New Jersey.

This is the stablemate Clydesdale which has been done as a dappled bay. All of the major details were done by hand to include dappling, sabino markings, tri-colored eyes and his blaze which fades into pink. He is owned by Lisa Start.

"OS Lancelot" is the Stablemate Drafter customized to a red bay with subtle dapples, sabino markings, tri-colored eyes, and a strip on his face which goes into pink on his nose.

This is the Stablemate Clydesdale that I have customized as a dappled bay sabino with a blaze ending in a pink nose. He is owned by Maggie Grove of California.

"OS Desert Reflections" is the Stablemate Arabian Mare in a beautifully shaded dark bay. She is owned by Andi Beard.

This is the Stablemate Saddlebred painted as a dappled chestnut with royal blue & gold ribbons and a flaxen mane and tail. She is owned by Erin McClurg.

"OS Fire Alert" is the Stablemate Arabian Stallion in dappled red bay. He is owned by Jolene Kortan.