To see a larger picture of any of the appaloosas, just click on the image.

This is the "Strapless" model customized as a full blanketed Appy. Loads of shading and detail!

This highly detailed Pony is the Northlight Cob, which I've painted as a full-blanketed Appy. He has had resculpting to his face, plus a sculpted braided forelock, mane, and tail. Owned by Michele Cox-Qualters of Great Britain

This sweet little filly is the Stablemate running foal. She was a custom order for Susan Geary of Alabama, and is called "Seaside Sally".

This is the Stablemate Scratching Foal which I have painted as a buckskin full blanket Appy. She is owned by Robin Bradbery of Texas, and is called "Weebears Diamondlite".

"Delta Dawn" is the traditional Lady Phase model customized as a varnish roan with an extended blanket. She has a sculpted mane and roaning throughout her coat. Owned by the artist

"Appaloosa Mother and Foal" were customized from stablemates & are owned by Rhapsody Rhodes

These two babies were customized from the stablemate lying and standing foals. They were created in 1999.

This stablemate was done as a roan Appy with extended blanket & halo spots. She is owned by Kathy McCurdy of Georgia.

"April Showers" This foal was one of my very first customs. She has carved upraised hooves, carved ears, and a sculpted forelock.